Saturday, April 25, 2009

First time on the Big Toy! (and Descartes gets a shave)

Look, hair!

I could've sworn this dog was bigger. He's a shadow of himself.

I love this park! It's 100% ADA accessible. Kiera got to do everything the other kids could do.(except play in the sand...we don't do sand)

Everyone likes Kiera's stickers on her stroller...that is until I tell them how she earns them. :)

It's my friend, Ashlyn's, birthday party!

And her sister, my friend, Peyton's, birthday!

My Mommy and I wore coordinating flower dresses for the flower theme.

My first time on the Big Toy because my stroller and medical equipment can access it with me! I'm big enough that I want to walk by myself.

I get a kick out of driving!

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