Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh my Gosh...

Okay, so I know I don't have any pics posted, but there is just so much to keep track of right now. I'll get to it. I promise. I have some cute ones from Thanksgiving and of Kiera with the new puppy we are getting for Christmas. I just have to retrieve them from my camera.

I just have to share a surreal moment I had tonight. I was driving home from Socorro past Presbyterian hospital around 9PM. They light up the hospital with luminarias every Christmas as they did Christmas 2006 and 2007. As I was driving past I thought..."Look...the hospital...and Kiera's not in it."

What a strange moment. It's weird when you realize how different one event has made your entire world view. I had likely driven past the hospital for 19 holiday seasons previous to 2006 and never given the building, its occupants, or its decorations a second thought. For two seasons, 514 days, every time we passed we waved to Kiera, said hi to Kiera, commented that that's where Kiera was, etc. The building has come to be a huge presence, a constant reminder of Christmas past, present, and future.

Even though we were there today for a Dr. appointment, and we are constantly in and out, this image of the hospital was the most poignant. This view is the one that makes it clear that we will forever be emotionally involved with this building. It's where everything happened. We have changed restaurant businesses, we have moved to different houses, I've taught in and attended different schools...but this building is different. I can visit other buildings from my past and remember days gone by, but seeing this hospital lit up at Christmas can actually transport me to that place in an instant. I'm pretty sure it always will.

Funny thing...we put up our Christmas tree, and I was so excited imagining how Kiera would react when she saw her first tree. So I put her on the floor by it. She lightly grazed her fingers over it a little touching some ornaments and needles (it's a fake tree). Then the door bell rang, and I answered. About a minute later I look back at her, and she has crawled to the open bag of clean diapers and is chewing on them. Diapers- 1, Tree-0. I might as well decorate the tree in diapers. It would hold more appeal.

Here's to hoping this will be the first Christmas with Kiera not in the hospital.


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