Sunday, December 14, 2008

Did you get a load of this...?

So, the government is mandating a change to ALL asthma inhalers! Just saw this on KOAT7 news tonight. Of course, the change is being made so that the propellant is "ozone friendly." Since there will be no generic it will increase costs of meds for bajillions of asthma sufferers. This is the crap that happens when we let the government run health care!!!! I hope the meds still work the same. Of course, this is a maintenance med for for many people that they can't go without, so the difference between a $10 and a $40 co-pay is not just $30 but probably $60 more a month or $720 more a year! It's all going to get worse with the incoming idiots in charge. How much do you want to bet they didn't even consult the patients affected by such a change? Forget about choice. Environmentalism is the new mandated government religion to the detriment of the people.


K said...

We found this out when we went to pick up our albuterol inhaler at the pharmacy a few weeks ago and found out medicaid wasn't covering it anymore. Fortunately our pharmacist was able to find an albuterol that they -were- covering now. Of course, it comes with one of those @#$@# plastic counter things on the bottom that we have to wrench off to use it with the ventilator. Ah, progress.

Kiera Rose said...

Fabulous! So medicaid won't cover it, and we will have to take extreme measures to modify it for use with a ventilator? My friend just told me she went to pick up her inhaler and found out it wasn't covered so she said she'd pay for it and found out it costs $300 for ONE!!!!

Kiera Rose said...

Here's an idea: Let's all designate a time when everyone in the world can go outside and take a simultaneous puff on their ozone depleting inhalers as a giant organized f-you to the government regulators. :)