Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm too cute to take a nap, Mommy.

So Kiera was just cracking me up yesterday. She refused to take a nap when I put her down at 1PM until she finally crashed at 4PM. Previous to putting her down, she was making it quite difficult for me to run the restaurant payroll by "hardlining" my computer while I was working. (She likes the light up "off" button.) She grabbed the mouse and logged me out of the payroll program at one point. She grabbed the keyboard to change employee data. She tried to eat someone's child support paperwork. She's also a little funky lately and thought she'd like to projectile vomit a few times mid payroll...just to keep me on my toes. Very fun. So I put her in the pack 'n play for her nap. She then proceeded to play a game we call under over. She stood up in the pack n' play holding onto the changer and peeked at me under the changer through the mesh and then over the changer as best she could being a little short. Of course, she just flashed that big smile every time and did this over and over and over and over.... Soooo cute. Then she started blowing me kisses. Kiera doesn't just blow them...she chucks them at you. Her blow kisses could knock you over. Of course, she kept smiling still with a sweet, "I don't want a nap, mommy," look. Then she started fingering "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to get me to sing and play with her. She signed,"love" and "mommy." She gave me a kiss when I came over and laid her back down again. She definitely was pulling out all the stops.

4PM...she finally fell asleep. I win.

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