Friday, December 19, 2008

New Arrival!

My darling husband got me a standard poodle puppy for Christmas! His name is Mister Descartes Loren (and I'm considering the last name Squarepants). He's French of course and very smart, so I thought a French Mathematician and father of Cartesian mathematics was appropriate as a namesake. As Descartes would say in his Discourse on Method, "I think, therefore I am (a poodle)."[sic] :) His middle name is a tribute to Kiera's pulmonologist. Jer made me laugh last night when he said that Descartes is "graph paper trained." AWESOME!

Anywho, the funniest thing last night was when I fed Descartes, and my lovely Kiera with her oral aversion and unwillingness to eat anything other than suck cheetos and doritos thought that puppy chow somehow looked appealing and was perfectly happy to attempt eating that. :) Don't worry, we caught it before it went in the mouth. So I had to get some of her meltable sweet potato puffs and put them in a bowl so she could eat with the dog. She at least licked them and played with them, although they don't have the intensity of cheetos or puppy chow, so it left her underwhelmed. It reminded me of something I think her speech therapist told me about a kid starting to drink by copying their dog and only wanting to lap up milk from a bowl. Who new that getting a puppy was sound feeding therapy technique?

I'll post pics later today.


Chelsey Rodgers said...

So glad to hear Kiera is doing well. 3 more nurses.... WOW.... what a treat. Who's coming to join your team?? I'm so glad I can stay up to date on Miss Kiera, thanks for being so diligent about your updates.

Kiera Rose said...

Victoria, Jenny, and a NICU nurse, Nichole. Surprisingly, one of the nurses is the one the M-word agency told me wouldn't work for me because of Kiera being on the floor so much. She told me they said she "couldn't" work for me. So now she's working for me through the other agency.

Chelsey Rodgers said...

Well great, I'm glad you got away from that agency. They are unfair and dishonest!!!! I'm so so so glad you're getting more nursing. How was your Christmas? Is the puppy adapting well?

Kiera Rose said...

Puppy is getting used to the routine. He's a little unclear on potty training yet, and when I get up to do 6am nebs, he thinks it's time to get up and play. I think he would sleep through the night if WE would actually sleep through the night.