Monday, December 29, 2008

Second Spontaneous Decannulation! Wheee!

So I ran some errands today while the nurse was here, and Kiera figured out how to decannulate (pop her trach out) a second time. If you recall, I was the lucky care giver the first time. Everything resolved okay. Thank goodness for my experienced nurses! Zane was a great assistant in the crisis and held her trach in place while the nurse was attending to her. It freaked me out a bit to know I wasn't here for it, but I'm grateful that I have competant people so that I can get out once in a while. It's such fun having a baby that can go from happy go lucky, fun loving, 2 yr old, to life or death action in a matter of seconds.

Kiera's making me laugh right now. She's sitting in her play area getting into everything. She's currently playing with the Playstation controller. She found a way to read her book by turning pages with her hands AND feet. Now she's trying to involve her brother in her mischief. She's BUSY, BUSY.

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