Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yeah...Biggest Day so far at Indy Grill!

We FINALLY got our liquor license on Wednesday, and Friday was our biggest day so far! Keep sending your friends and family in! When you go out to eat, think of Independence Grill! We are at 6910 Montgomery Blvd NE at Louisiana and Montgomery southwest of TJ Maxx and Shoes on a Shoestring. website is and phone is 505-837-BURG. I assure you there will be something for everyone on our awesome menu. Don't forget that PICU and NICU staff will get a discount. Just bring your badge! (If your server seems confused ask for Jerry :) )

Kiera is doing GREAT this week! She is into everything! I got her this little push and ride toy at Other Mothers about a month or two ago, and Thursday she used it to walk across the room. She has also been trying to walk with her therapy walker, although it is a little more cumbersome. Maybe she'll walk for Christmas! What a concept?! Her first Christmas in 2006 I hoped she'd be home for Christmas. Her second Christmas in 2007 I hoped she'd survive till Christmas, and when she started improving that she'd be at least back in Albuquerque by Christmas. I actually get to have a Christmas wish this year that doesn't involve life or death or hospitals. Woo Hoo!

She is starting to try to make sound past her trach cuff...kind of an "Ahhhhh." She also interacts with Steve on Blue's Clues. When he asks questions, she blows kisses as her answer. It's so interesting. I wonder what her kiss is communicating in her world. She had many play dates this week. My neigher brought Audrey over to play, and my brother brought Kiera's cousins over twice! She has also been playing with her brothers which she really loves.

I am also getting NURSING for Christmas! Yippee! I have 3 more wonderful PICU and NICU nurses signing up to come help us out. I am so excited, especially after having to be up at 2:30 am, 3:30 am, and 6:00am this morning before my hubby handled some early morning cares so I could sleep a little longer. Thank God for coffee. :)

Gotta go. Something Stinky This Way Comes.

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