Friday, December 19, 2008

Latest fun pictures

"Monsieur Descartes Loren Wright" 5 1/2 wks

Puppy eating. "I'm awfully hungry, Momma."

Kiera eating. "Mmmm, that looks good. I'll have what he's having. What's in it?"

Pet the puppy.

Kiera helps decorate cut out cookies. She "picked" this one just for you.

"It won't bite back, Kiera."

Kiera and big brother, Zane, decorating cookies.

Nan's hat- "I make this look good, yo."

Kiera holds her cousin.


Sarah said...

Kiera looks really great! I love the picture with that hat, such a fashionista!

How's the puppy doing? I'm hesitant to get a pet. I'm afraid it would gnaw on all of the tubes.

Kiera Rose said...

The puppy is doing great. I specifically wanted a standard poodle because they don't shed, and they are very smart. I am hoping to train him to be kind of a medical assist type dog. He as tried to chew on the tubes too much (not any more than Kiera does). The neat thing is that I can train him using sign language so that Kiera can sign to him, too. He gets a little overwhelming for her when she's sick and he tries to crawl all over her face and play while she's lying on the ground, but she's getting efficient at pushing him off, and he'll grow up very used to her. My hubby wants a cat, but that is definitely a pet that would have to wait for the land of "no tubes," and I'm concerned about the hair with Kiera's trach and respiratory status.